Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Sourcing the ingredients for the meals we make is perhaps the most important thing we do and we take that task seriously. We have eliminated GMO’s from our facility and have continued to increase the amount of organic ingredients in our selection as they become available.

Two years ago we were able to source a cage free egg, which was the first in our industry. Point being, we take the time to research who we are buying from and their practices in farming and manufacturing. We source as many of our ingredients domestically as possible. If it is not available in the United States, we do our best to buy international products we know are nutritious and clean. Our goal is to use the best products possible to provide the healthiest most nutritious product we can make.


Backpacker’s Pantry uses mostly raw, not cooked, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. Our chicken and beef is pre-cooked as an example but most of our vegetables and fruits are raw. This means that these veggies and fruits are picked and immediately flash frozen preserving the highest level of nutrition possible. When you let a vegetable or fruit sit, or cook it, some nutrition is lost. So when you add the boiling water to our pouch to make our food for the most part that is the cooking step. This we feel gives our product more nutrition.


Nutrition is paramount here at Backpacker's Pantry. An idea for a new product does not move forward unless it meets certain internal guidelines. You need protein, carbs, and fat yet all in a healthy balance. We also know you need salt when exercising & exerting but not too much. You need good, clean ingredients which happens to be part of our company's mission. We don't use cheap alternatives or add any preservatives or colorings. With real, plant-based ingredients, no empty calories are allowed in our food. In 2017, we were asked by the US Ski team to provide food for their athletes when traveling to foreign countries.


Sourcing the best ingredients is a full-time job around here & it takes a lot of work but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The beautiful flavors of our meals are all due to the high-quality ingredients & our inhouse chef who develops all the recipes. Attention to dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) are highly considered as we always want someone to be able to find something in our line that suits their needs. Allergens are taken very seriously in our plant. We rigorously test in the case of gluten & have a separate work area designated for the processing of peanuts. Peanuts are bagged separately to lessen the chance of any cross-contamination within the plant. Backpacker’s Pantry is thrilled to be along on your next adventure.

Bon Appetit!